Enhance Your Photos with Boutique Editing
by Giliane Mansfeldt

Discover private photo editing services by Giliane Mansfeldt, designed exclusively for professional photographers. Specializing in newborn and portrait editing, Giliane offers meticulous, personalized attention to enhance your portfolio. Limited client slots ensure focused, high-quality results.

Is Outsourcing Editing Right for You? Consider This If:

  • You’re Maxing Out: You want to expand your client base and increase income, but find yourself limited by time constraints.

  • The Editing Pile-Up: Your editing backlog is daunting, and you often feel like you’re never fully caught up.

  • Slow Turnaround: You wish to deliver images to your clients faster and streamline your workflow.

  • Overwhelmed Often: Managing your photography business feels overwhelming, whether it’s just during the peak season or throughout the year.

  • Life vs. Work: You spend a substantial amount of time working and yearn for more personal time, without sacrificing your income.

  • Deadline Extensions: You find yourself frequently pushing back project deadlines, especially during busy periods.

  • No Time for Breaks: Taking time off makes you anxious as it means putting your editing workload on hold.

  • Health Concerns: You worry about falling ill and the impact it would have on keeping up with your workload.

Outsource your photo editing to Giliane Mansfeldt, and reclaim your time, reduce stress, and enhance your business’s efficiency and output quality.

Welcome to My Exclusive Photo Editing Services

I’m Giliane Mansfeldt, a private boutique editor specializing in newborn and portrait photography. I personally enhance each photograph with precision and a keen eye for detail. By taking on only a select number of clients, I ensure that every image receives the personalized attention it deserves, delivering beautifully refined results.

The Editing Packages

Basic Reoutching

This includes essential adjustments like exposure correction, color balance, and minor blemish removal.

Advanced Retouching

Everything in basic plus: Offers more detailed work such as teeth whitening (for portraits), eye brightening, skin smoothing, and simple background cleaning.

High-End Retouching

For comprehensive editing needs including everything in Advanced plus complex object removal, photo restoration, and merging images or creating detailed stylizations.

Why My Editing Services?

Personalized Attention:

As your private editor, I handle every photo myself, ensuring that your memories are preserved with the care they merit.

Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding that each photo tells its own story, I offer flexible editing options from basic enhancements to complex restorations, allowing you to choose the level of detail that suits your vision.

Reliable Quality

I ensure consistent excellence across all your images, enhancing your portfolio with a uniform professional quality.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Utilizing the latest software and methods, I provide superior edits that set your work apart in the competitive field of photography.

Expert Touch

With 20 years of experience in photography and a passion for perfection, I apply sophisticated techniques to subtly enhance your photos.

Efficient and Secure

I prioritize a quick turnaround and secure handling of your photos, ensuring you receive your enhanced images promptly and safely.

Seamless process

How It Works

01 Contact Me

Fill out the inquiry form and we will discuss your specific editing needs to tailor our services to your requirements.

02 Upload Your Photos & Receive Your Quote

Following our discussion, securely upload your photos. This allows me to assess the scope of editing needed and prepare an accurate quote.I'll provide a personalized quote based on the number of images and the level of editing required. Once you approve the quote, I'll begin the editing process.

03 Editing and Review

Your photos are expertly edited with your vision in mind. You'll receive a preview for final approval to ensure all edits meet your expectations.

04 Delivery of Final Edits

After your approval, download your professionally enhanced images via a secure link, ready for use or publication.

Let's Do This!

Take the First Step Towards the Business of Your Dreams

I take on a very limited number of photographers to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time and to maintain a long-term, personalized relationship with each client. If you believe I might be the solution you’ve been searching for, I would love to connect with you. 

Please start by filling out the inquiry form below. I’ll be in touch within 1 business day.


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