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I want to pass on all the photography know-how I wish I had when I began, not just the business side.

Hi Im Giliane

Hi I’m Giliane.  The heart and soul behind Giliane Mansfeldt Photography.  As your mentor, I am here to guide you through the captivating world of photography.  With my extensive experience, and my keen eye for capturing life’s precious moments, I am excited to share excited to share my knowledge with you. 

The Process

1. Reach Out

Great, you’re all set for growth! Submit an inquiry via the form on my contact page, and you’ll receive an email to schedule your session.

2. Paperwork

As soon as you’re scheduled in my calendar, I’ll forward an invoice along with a questionnaire. This helps me gain a deeper understanding of you and your business, ensuring a tailored and effective mentorship experience.


The moment has arrived for us to meet, whether it’s online or face-to-face, depending on the type of session you’ve chosen. During our time together, I’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and guidance to help your business flourish

Take a Peek at what I offer:

Mastering the Art of Post-Processing: A Deep Dive into Photographic Creativity cover

Zoom Meeting

This session is ideal for photographers who aren't local and are seeking answers. Feel free to ask all your questions, and I'll assist you in figuring out the next steps for your business.

A person is learning photography techniques while holding a Nikon DSLR camera.

Photography Skills Mentoring

Elevate your photography with personalized guidance from a professional. Tailored to your skill level and interests, this mentorship program offers hands-on experience, technical skill development, and constructive feedback to transform your passion into mastery. Perfect for aspiring photographers seeking to refine their craft.

A camera, lens, and other equipment laid out on a black surface.

Business Mentoring

Transform your photography passion into a profitable venture. Our coaching focuses on market analysis, branding, client acquisition, and financial management. Ideal for photographers ready to launch or grow their business, this program offers practical strategies and personalized advice for success in the competitive photography market.

A table with a lot of pictures on it.

Portfolio Review

Enhance your photographic portfolio with expert analysis and feedback. This service offers a detailed review of your work, focusing on composition, technique, and thematic coherence. Ideal for photographers seeking to refine their presentation and impact, whether for career advancement or personal growth.

A person is learning photography techniques while holding a Nikon DSLR camera.

Post-Processing/Editing Tutoring

Master the art of photo editing with bespoke tutoring sessions. Dive into Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to learn essential skills in color grading, retouching, and image enhancement, bringing professional polish and unique flair to your photographs.

Mastering Photography: A Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Niche cover

Portrait Photography Technique Training

Hone your portrait skills with bespoke one-on-one sessions. Dive into the art of capturing stunning portraits, learning advanced camera techniques, lighting, and composition specifically for portrait photography. Enhance your ability to create compelling, expressive images, tailored to your skill level and artistic style."

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