Learn To Take Better Photos of Your Family
A family poses for an autumn photo in a park in Saint Paul.

As a photographer, I’m always being asked by friends, families and clients for tips on how to take better photographs.

Most of us carry a camera around with us in the shape of our mobile phones. In fact, you could say people take more photographs now than ever before.  However, you could also say the quality of those images has never been lower!  Think about how many photographs you take of your family that never quite make the grade and end up being deleted.  It’s not as easy as it looks to get everyone looking in the same direction, smiling and with all of their limbs in the frame!  Quite often, it’s just good luck that you’ll capture a gorgeous image rather than good management!

Improving Your Photography

It’s totally possible to improve your photography skills without having a fancy camera or tons of equipment.  Learning how to get the most from your camera phone is probably the biggest favor you can do for your family.  After all, it’s the way you capture the majority of your family’s memories.

Using a professional photographer for your major life milestones and regular family portraits is never going to be replaced, but there are so many moments in your daily life that a professional just can’t capture.  That first meeting of siblings, the tea party for granny’s birthday, the first day at school and countless other occasions that form the fabric of your family life.  These are the images that should make up the bulk of your family albums (yes, I’m talking about printing them and actually putting them in albums too!).  The beautiful wall art and large prints definitely belong in the domain of the professional photographer – and you can see why here [link to your product gallery]

But, being able to improve your own photography means your images will capture so much more detail and atmosphere for your future generations to enjoy.

Your Free Guide to Capturing Summer Memories

The summer is the perfect time to hone your photography skills.  The kids are off school, the weather is (mainly) bright and you might have a little more time to practice.

To help you out I’ve created a simple and free guide to help you improve your skills.  I cover how to consider the lighting, give suggestions on the types of images you might want to capture and I’ve even included some suggestions for printing out the photos you take.

I’m sure you’ll find it super useful and I’d love to see the images you take using my tips.  You can tag me using @giliane_e_mansfeldtphotography on instagram.

Go ahead and download your Guide to Capturing Summer Memories here


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