How to Get Photos You love?

How to Get Photos You love?

A picture they say is worth a thousand words but getting the picture, well that is what we all are looking for. Photography has evolved from what our parents knew it to be. These days, you mark every new feat with pictures, and with the heightened technology, there’s also an increase in taste as per picture quality. Hence, getting the photos you love may involve a lot of hard work, but with a few tips from Giliane, a professional photographer, it might not be as difficult as it once seemed.

1. Pick a picturesque location:

Any location can look picturesque through a camera lens. You just need to know what to look for. When selecting a location for your photo session consider the background, lighting (whether natural or indoor), and of course the details in that location because a great photographer always pays attention to details. For example, if you are at a park and really want beautiful photos, pay attention to the background. If there are garbage cans, park benches, lots of people walking around or parked cars, that may not be the right spot. Look for a spot that has less foot traffic and a background full of trees.

2. Hire a professional:

I get it, everyone has a camera in their pocket, which are great for snapshots of everyday life. However, when you are looking for professional family photos and unless you can handle the pressures of photographing yourself, you’ll need to hire a professional. This professional photographer knows her way around the intricacies of a camera, posing, lighting, editing and has had years of training to provide flawless photos. Professional photos may look scripted, but you will agree with us that they always look awesome.

3. Smile: Once you’re all dolled up; with hair, makeup and everything fleeking, take a deep breath and smile. If conscious smiling isn’t your forte, then it’s always advised you take a friend to your photo sessions, one who can make you laugh at will.

Photography is at its absolute peak in this century and we as photographers keep pushing the limits. With so much diversity to offer in this department, getting pictures you absolutely love can be tasking and may leave you feeling like you’re being picky. That’s not a bad thing, you want to love these photos for years to come! You know what you want and if you don’t, feel free to ask me questions.

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