The Perfect Age for Newborn Photos: What You Should Know
Did you just have a baby? Are you eager to capture those first few precious moments with your new baby? Taking new baby photos is one of the most important moments of your life, and the only way you can capture it is with the help of a professional photographer. As cliché as it sounds, it’s the little things that matter most. Newborn photos are no exception, and you should be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Here are some things you should know about taking new baby photos.

What is a newborn photo shoot?

Newborn photoshoots are the first set of photos of your baby that you take. You’ll want to take those photos as soon as your baby is home from the hospital. For most people, that’s usually within a week or two of giving birth. It should be one of the first things on your baby bucket list, because it’s an experience you’ll never get back. A newborn photoshoot is typically a session that can last between two and four hours, which is all dependent on how baby is during the session.

What types of newborn photo shoots are there?

There are essentially two distinctly different types of newborn photoshoots. These are lifestyle newborn photography and posed newborn photography. Lifestyle newborn photography is a more laid-back ntrual posing approach to newborn sessions. These are sessions that are often done in the home, in the environment that the baby lives in. The types of sessions are less posed and more about the natural posing that babies tend to do at that age. Many times, these sessions will include family photographs.
Newborn Photography, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Posed newborn photography is all those super cute photos that you see where newborns are in poses such as their head on their hands, their cute little tushie up in the air, and are in props. This type of newborn photography requires that the photographer be trained in baby safety while handling and posing the baby so they can ensure they are not putting the baby in harm’s way during any pose. A lot of times, these sessions are done in the studio where the photographer can control the environment and the safety of the session. Recently, I have started seeing more and more photographers take posed newborn sessions into the client’s homes. If this is a route you chose to do with your photographer, make sure to listen to all the instructions the photographer gives you beforehand on how to prepare your house for a safe newborn shoot.


Signs it’s time for a newborn photo shoot

Expanding your family is one of the most thrilling events in your life, but it’s also a huge responsibility. You’re responsible for raising your new baby and making sure he/she grows up to be a happy and healthy person. You’re also responsible for getting those first few photos of your new baby. In order to get those photos, you’ll need to schedule a newborn photo shoot. Before you schedule your newborn photo shoot, make sure you’re ready for it. If you did not reach out to a newborn photographer before having your baby, Here are some signs it’s time for a newborn photo shoot:

  • Both baby and you are home from the hospital and there are no complications that would make having photos difficult or unsafe.
  • You’re eager for those newborn photos.
  • You feel like you would miss out if you didn’t have the photos taken

What is the Best Time to Schedule Newborn Photos

The best time to schedule a newborn session is when your newborn is between 5 to 14 days. I have been performing newborn photography services for over 15 years, so I do work with older newborns as well. I have had many newborns that are close to the 1 month mark and still do very well during a newborn session.

There are several reasons why we newborns photographers advise between 5 to 14 days. Newborns are very flexible during this stage of their life which makes posing easier to do and is a safer time period to perform several poses. Newborns during this time period will sleep for longer periods of time which then allows for longer amounts of time to do posing that requires alot of moving of hands, ect. Newborns tend to only be up for about 45 minutes during this time, so if baby wakes up during the session, we can easily do a feeding and a changing and the baby will be asleep in no time.

Newborn Photography done in the studio, Saint Paul Minnesota

Why hire a professional newborn photographer?

Newborn photoshoots are an important part of your new baby’s life, and they’re something that should be done by a professional photographer trained in baby safety. Getting the best newborn photos is much more than just a camera and a couple of lights. Many times, when parents come to my studio for the newborn session, they are surprised by how much work actually goes into a newborn photoshoot.
First, it’s hot. I keep the studio temps at between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Why do I do this? Because I need to regulate the body temperature of the baby as newborns cannot do that on their own yet. My rule of thumb is if we, the adults are sweating, then the baby is happy. Then the session can take between w to 4 hours, depending on the mood of the baby.
By about 20 minutes in, I can usually tell how long a newborn session will take just by how the baby is reacting to me and other stimuli in the room. Each pose can be a very long process and requires a steady hand and a crazy amount of attention to detail and patience. Details are important in newborn photography. Every stitch of the bonnet, every wrinkle in the fabric, everything needs to be managed so the details are perfect in the photo.
Patience is a definite must in newborn photography. About 2 hours in, is when parents notice how much work, patience and swat goes into their photoshoot. This is also about the time that parents say that I have a crazy amount of patience to what I do and they never imagined that all of this goes into those cute, sweet photos of their baby. One cannot rush through a newborn session. Safety can be compromised and the rushed session will show the error in the details. A newborn photo shoot is more than just a photoshoot. It’s an experience where you get to dress up, bond with your family, and celebrate your baby’s growth with your friends and family.
One of the biggest mistakes new parents make is trying to take the perfect newborn photos on their own. You can’t expect to know what you’re doing and capture those perfect moments. Even though the baby is theirs, many new parents don’t have the safety training the newborn photographers do and will attempt a pose they saw on Pinterest without the proper guidance.
Many times, the photos that parents try to replicate had some magic done to it in photoshop and they dont know that when they are attempting that pose, which could make it unsafe. That’s why hiring a professional photographer is better option. A professional newborn photographer has years of experience. They’ve seen all the trends, know all the best ideas, and can capture those moments you’re eager for in a professional way following all the safety guidelines to ensure a perfect newborn session that you can cherish for years to come.
Newborn photo shoots are a huge part of your new baby’s life, and should be done by a professional photographer. Those photos are what your baby books, what your family shares with the world, and what your baby grows up knowing. Getting the best newborn photos requires more than just a couple of lights and a camera though, it requires a professional photographer who has years of experience and can guide you through the experience. If you want to get your hands on the best newborn photos, you should hire a professional newborn photographer.

If you are interested in your own newborn session, I would love to have you at my studio.  Fill out the contact page below and I will reach out to you. 


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