The Benefits of Exercise for Pregnant Women – Part 2
A pregnant woman doing yoga in a gym.


In this continuing blog series of exercise for pregnant women, we look at what types of exercise can benefit a woman while she is pregnant.

When you’re pregnant, it’s just as important to get your daily dose of exercise, as it is to eat right and get lots of rest. Don’t fall into the old stigma of believing that you should lie around during your pregnancy, for fear of harming your unborn child. There are plenty of ways to get exercise for pregnant women, that are beneficial to you and baby’s health — while presenting no extra risk to your babies health.

Back when we were all hunters and gatherers; women didn’t have the option of leading a sedentary life. There were no office buildings, take out establishments or transportation to make their lives easier. They had to gather food, work the farm, and tend the crops, etc. all while carrying their unborn infants around.

Take a walk

The better your body is working, the easier it will be for your baby to get the nutrients they need to grow and eventually be born. A 20-minute walk is more than adequate exercise for a pregnant woman. Of course, if you’re feeling more adventurous and want to prevent excessive weight gain during your pregnancy — there are other methods to explore.


There are plenty of aerobics classes and videos that are made on the subject of exercising during pregnancy. Find a program that suits your needs and run with it. Low-impact is advisable as a precaution for your child.

Consider water aerobics as an alternative, or way to break up your routine. Water is very soothing for your baby and the weightless environment created by the water will help reduce any impact created by the exercises.

Swimming is a great pain reliever when it comes to strained joints and a stressed out back. So for a pregnant woman like you, swimming is one of the first options there are for you to exercise and trim up. So to get the exercising going and get a sexier body, swimming 20 to 30 minutes a week will do that pretty well for you. It will keep you in shape during your pregnancy and help you regain your naturally slimmer body with ease.

Weight training

Weight training is perfectly fine exercise for pregnant woman; just try not to lift very heavy weights, as they place a tremendous strain on your abdomen. Just take it easy and don’t push yourself to the limit.


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