Managing Expectations: What to Do When Baby Doesn’t Pose as Desired
Managing expectations during newborn photography sessions is key to capturing beautiful images. Each baby is unique, and it's important to approach each session with patience, flexibility, and creativity. Whether you're a parent or photographer, embrace the baby's uniqueness and create lasting memories.
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Hey there, future parents and fellow newborn photographers! Today, I’m thrilled to share some valuable insights on a topic that often arises during newborn photography sessions – What to Do When Baby Doesn’t Pose as Desired?  As a master newborn photographer, I’ve encountered various scenarios, and I understand that each baby is unique with their own personality and preferences. It’s essential to approach these situations with patience, flexibility, and creativity to ensure a successful and heartwarming photography experience. Whether you’re a parent considering booking a newborn session or a fellow photographer navigating this field, I’m here to guide you through this process and provide helpful tips to capture beautiful images, no matter the circumstances.

When it comes to newborn photography, it’s natural to have certain expectations for the session. As parents, you may have envisioned your little one adorably curled up in cute poses, capturing those perfect moments that you’ll cherish forever. As a newborn photographer, I strive to create a gallery of images that reflect the unique beauty of each baby, while also meeting the expectations and desires of their parents.

However, we must remember that babies have their own ideas about posing for the camera, especially as they grow beyond that “ideal” two-week mark. Newborns are incredibly perceptive, and they might not always feel comfortable or cooperative during the session. As a master newborn photographer, I’ve encountered various challenges, and I’ve learned that being adaptable and patient is key to capturing those precious moments.

For parents, I understand that you want the best for your baby and desire a collection of heartwarming photographs that showcase their innocence and beauty. While some babies may naturally settle into adorable poses, others might be more alert or wiggly during the session. Instead of feeling discouraged, embrace your baby’s uniqueness and individuality. Authenticity often shines through in candid shots, capturing their personality and little expressions.

As a photographer, I work with babies of all ages and temperaments, and I’ve developed various techniques to soothe and settle them during the session. Let’s explore some examples of what poses babies may not want to do and what I would do in those situations:

Tummy Time Refusal: 

Some babies are not fond of tummy time poses, where they lie on their stomachs, supporting their heads with their hands. In such cases, I opt for variations of side-lying poses, where the baby is comfortably resting on their side, snuggled up with a soft wrap or blanket. This position often allows them to feel secure while showing off their adorable facial features.

Hands-In-Position Hesitancy:

Getting babies to place their hands under their cheeks or near their faces can be a bit challenging. Instead of insisting on the classic “chin on hands” pose, I let the baby rest their hands in a relaxed position, capturing their fingers and tiny fists. This not only ensures their comfort but also showcases their delicate fingers, which are so endearing to parents.

Curled-up Pose Discomfort: 

While the curled-up, womb-like poses are precious, not all babies enjoy being in such positions, especially as they grow older. Instead, I focus on poses that allow the baby to stretch and move freely, capturing their natural movements and expressions. This often leads to candid shots that highlight their emerging personality.

Startling Reflex Interruption:

Babies have a startle reflex, also known as the Moro reflex, which can disrupt certain poses. Rather than trying to avoid the reflex altogether, I incorporate it into the session creatively. For example, if the baby startles while in a wrapped pose, I capture the moment as they settle back down, resulting in an authentic and heartwarming image.

Feet and Toes Uncooperativeness: 

Some babies love showing off their tiny feet and toes, while others may not be as enthusiastic. In the latter case, I choose poses that focus on the baby’s face and upper body, capturing their expressions and connection with their parents. This ensures that the baby feels at ease and content during the session.

When a baby doesn’t pose as desired, I remain patient and encourage parents to do the same. Sometimes, it’s best to take a break, allowing the baby to feed, be soothed, or simply have a moment of calm. As a master newborn photographer, I know that every baby is different, and the key is to find what works best for each little one.

Additionally, I believe in educating parents about the newborn photography process, helping them understand what to expect during the session. By managing their expectations and providing guidance, we can create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.  One of the most beautiful aspects of newborn photography is capturing the genuine connections between parents and their baby. These tender moments of interaction are incredibly powerful and create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As a master newborn photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing and capturing the love and joy shared between parents and their little ones. Whether it’s a gentle kiss on the forehead, a loving embrace, or a playful smile, these intimate interactions speak volumes about the bond between parents and their precious babies. When working with parents, I encourage them to relax and enjoy the experience. The photography session is not just about creating beautiful images; it’s also about creating beautiful memories. It’s an opportunity for parents to connect with their baby, shower them with love, and celebrate this special time in their lives.

For fellow photographers, I understand the challenges and joys that come with newborn photography. It’s a field that requires patience, creativity, and a genuine love for babies. As a master newborn photographer, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with others in the industry. I believe in the power of continuous learning and growth, and I’m always open to connecting with fellow photographers to exchange ideas, tips, and techniques. Together, we can elevate the art of newborn photography and create lasting memories for families all over.

Managing expectations is an integral part of the newborn photography journey, whether you’re a parent or a photographer. It’s essential to embrace the uniqueness of each baby and to approach each session with an open heart and mind. If you’re a parent considering booking a newborn photography session, rest assured that I am here to guide you through the process and create a personalized and heartwarming experience. Your baby’s uniqueness is what makes them so special, and I’m committed to capturing their individuality in a series of beautiful images.

And for my fellow newborn photographers, if you ever find yourself facing challenges during a session, I’m here to support and share my expertise. Let’s grow and learn together, continually improving our craft and enriching the lives of families through the art of newborn photography.

So, whether you’re a parent or a fellow photographer, I invite you to reach out and inquire about my newborn photography services. Together, we’ll create a photography experience that exceeds your expectations and captures the beauty and joy of this precious time in your baby’s life. Let’s embark on this wonderful journey of newborn photography together!


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