Why you need a photo album

Photo albums are gradually becoming extinct as technology has reduced the need to have paper form of pretty much anything. From letters to memos, documents to even bills, digitalization has slashed the need for hard copies. These days you hardly see a photo album in homes anymore. The highest you’ll come across is a framed picture and that’s it. As much as it’s great to move and evolve with the times, photo albums were way more than pictures in pages, they were story books, and each page hoisted great tales which lasted generations and here’s why you need one of your own.

As Memorabilia: What better to pass down to your family than pictures of the memories you shared with the people you love the most. This way they can get to see you whenever they want and never lose sight of you even when you’re long gone.

As Proof: No one may believe you’d experienced the world war if you don’t have pictures to prove it. Hence, with the photos in your album, there’s no room for doubt as your legacy will be backed up with substantial evidence,

To keep the stories alive: The world is full of stories. Stories of life and that of death. What would you want your story to be and how would it survive even after you’re gone? Through pictures of course. The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been truer and with your photo album, your story will be told at first glance.

A good photo album is a piece of artifact which transcends time and space. It tells tales of memories and inspires the youth. It gives hope and leaves people in awe of you, but most importantly it gives your family a piece of you to keep forever. And this my friend is why you need a photo album!

If you are interested in having your own photo album, we are proud to offer professional albums for your wedding, portraits, or newborn photography.  Take a look at some of the photos below to see what we offer and jump on over to our product page to see more. 


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