Why Newborn Photography Safety Education is so Important
A woman is holding a baby in a basket.

There are many reasons that people choose to have their newborn photographed. From the excitement of waiting for their baby to be born, to being able to remember how tiny they were, and everything in between. But what about safety? While new parents are often eager to document their baby’s life from day one, it can be easy to forget about the safety aspect. After all, you’re so excited and focused on getting pictures of your little one that you might not think about choosing a photographer who is properly trained in newborn photography safety education. Here is information on what you need to know before the big day.


What is a safety-certified newborn photographer?

A safety-certified photographer is a professional that has been trained to safely use newborn photography equipment and handle the baby at all times. They also must have experience working with infants, which means they have a lot of experience with newborns.


Tips and Guidelines for Choosing a Newborn Photographer

A newborn photographer should have experience with handling (and interacting with) newborns. You want your newborn photographer to have years of experience working with newborns and who knows how to safely pose and handle newborns in a professional and delicate manner. You also want to make sure your newborn photographer knows how to look for signs of distress or if the baby is uncomfortable. The photographer should know how to properly identify the issue and quickly take care of it to make sure your baby is safe during the session.

One thing that I do during my newborn sessions is I explain to my clients what I am doing when I am doing it so they know what is happening while I am posing their newborn. I explain where I am putting my hands and why I am putting them there to give an added level of assurance to my clients. While this is not necessarily a required thing for your photographer to do, it does help show the level of training and confidence your photographer has while handling your newborn baby.

A must-have for any newborn photographer is insurance. I carry both liability and professional insurance and never have an issue answering any questions regarding having insurance. If your photographer does not want to answer this question or does not have insurance, I would strongly advise moving on to another photographer. An event may never happen that requires insurance, but if it does happen, its good to be with a photographer who has prepared for it beforehand,

The Importance of Safety Education

For many new parents, the thought of having their baby photographed for the first time can be nerve-wracking. You want to document this momentous occasion, but you also want to do it safely and responsibly.

There are many things to consider before selecting a professional photographer. Safety is an important one. What kind of background does the photographer have? What experience do they have handling newborns? Does the studio have a safe holding area for your baby?

Educating yourself about safety education for newborn photography is important. If you choose a professional who doesn’t offer safety training, they might not understand how delicate your child’s skin is or how to handle them carefully so they don’t injure themselves. That’s why it’s important that you educate yourself on what to look out for when choosing a photographer as well as what questions to ask before booking with someone.

You’ve had your new baby and you’re ready to schedule your beautiful newborn photography session. But before you do, it’s time to do your research and find the perfect safety photographer.

This person is responsible for ensuring that your newborn is safe and sound during the photography session. They are also responsible for providing guidance and education on newborn safety during the session.

It’s important to find a photographer who will be able to provide you with this type of service. Your newborn deserves only the best!


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