What to Expect During Your Baby’s Cake Smash Session
Cake Smash Photography done in the studio, Saint Paul Minnesota

A baby’s first birthday is one of the most celebrated moments in their life. It marks the end of their first year, and the beginning of their second year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to commemorate this milestone with a baby’s cake smash session.

A baby’s cake smash session is a combination of capturing your little one while they’re smashing their cake while having some fun in front of the camera. This article will show you what to expect during your baby’s cake smash session, how it helps capture memories, and some tips on how to make it all happen.

What to Expect During Your Baby’s Cake Smash Session
So, what is a baby’s cake smash session? A baby’s cake smash session is a fun and playful photo shoot where your little one gets to smash their cake and have some fun in front of the camera. This is a great way to commemorate their first year of life with photos of them smashing cake and enjoying themselves.

A cake smash session typically takes about an hour from start to finish and includes capturing your little one while they’re taking turns smashing the cake and playing with it. After that, you’ll get to enjoy your little one’s meal along with some birthday cupcakes!

How Does a Cake Smash Session Help Capture Memories?
A cake smash session is a great way to capture memories of your baby’s first year. This session will be one of the most memorable and exciting ones because it marks their first birthday, and will be one of the last sessions you’ll have with them as a baby.

It also captures all their little expressions and milestones. Just like with any type of photo shoot, this session is a fun way to capture candid moments that can’t always be planned or captured on film. It’s an opportunity for your baby to enjoy themselves and have some fun!

Tips For A Successful Session
There are certain things you can do to make your cake smash session more successful. The first thing you should do is plan for the session ahead of time so that you know exactly what the shoot will entail. You’ll want to work with your photographer to plan the perfect cake smash photoshoot.  If your photographer asks you to provide the cake, it is a good idea to let them know what color the cake is so they can plan colors around the cake.  If you are thinking of a specific theme for your cake smash session, you should let yur photographer know so she can plan the perfect background, props and decorations.  Some themes I have photographed are unicorns, Mickey Mouse, Trucks, Under the Sea, and Autumn themes.  If you have special props you would like used during the session, make sure to let your photographer know early before the session.  

Cake smash sessions are a great way to capture precious moments with your baby while they are still young. We hope these tips help you plan your session.


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