Giliane Mansfeldt – Newborn Master Photographer Certification

I thought I would write a blog post about this as I have had clients and fellow photographers ask me about this.  I will say, as soon as NAPCP announced their Master Photographer Certification program, I knew I had to do this and it quickly became one of my bucket list goals.  NAPCP is an association of extremely talented professional photographers who are recognized in the photography industry and some of the best of the best in their different niches of photography, from child, to family to newborn photography and more. 

I knew I wanted to do it, but then the anxiety washed over and the self doubt that I think all photographers get quickly started to sink in.  Are my photos good enough?  Do I really have what it takes to be among the best of the best?  Even with all the crazy thoughts going on, I somehow managed to convince myself, yep we are going to do this and I pushed myself to comb through all my images and pick the best of the best to showcase.  There were very specific requirements that I needed to fill including technical, lighting, posing safety, and more. 

After what felt like years, I felt I had a strong enough portfolio to submit to the judges.  There it was, the word submit on the screen.  The last step I needed to do.  My fingers trembled, my heart raced as I clicked the mouse to submit my work.  Um, what did I just do?  Did I really just send over my work to be scrutinized and picked apart with a fine tooth comb?  I must have blacked out when I pushed the mouse button, I don’t normally do this.  Well, I guess I will wait and see. 

And wait I did.  For what felt like years!  But that is expected when you are dying to know what people thought of your work.  And then I got this email – Congratulations, you’re a Master Photographer!  What!  I nearly died!  I did it!  I was a Master Newborn Photographer!  



A certificate with the word mastery on it.

It is so amazing to see my name listed among the other NAPCP Master Photographers. 



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