Coordinating Outfits for Fall Family Photos: Trends in the Twin Cities
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Autumn in the Twin Cities is nothing short of magical. As streets and parks turn into canvases painted with vibrant hues, families often come together for their cherished yearly photoshoots. But the looming question, perennial and ever-so-daunting, is: What should we wear?

The Essence of Coordination

Family photos aren’t just about capturing smiles; they’re about encapsulating the essence of familial bonds. A coordinated outfit, in this context, serves as a visual symphony—a harmonious blend of individual personalities. But coordination doesn’t mean uniformity. Modern family photoshoots are about celebrating individuality within a harmonious framework.

Twin Cities’ Autumn Tapestry: Drawing Inspiration

The Twin Cities, in autumn, is a mesmerizing blend of nature’s finest spectacles and urban charm. Drawing sartorial inspiration from this ambiance can elevate your photoshoot.

  • Nature’s Palette: With trees adorned in shades of amber, rust, and gold, earthy tones like browns, beiges, and olive greens become a natural choice for outfits. They not only resonate with the surroundings but also lend a classic, timeless appeal to photos.

  • Patterns that Speak: The autumn season in the Twin Cities is synonymous with festivities and cozy gatherings. Patterns like plaids and checks, especially in scarves, dresses, or shirts, evoke a sense of warmth and tradition. They add depth and layers to photographs, making them stand out.

  • Denim Dynamics: The transitional nature of fall makes denim a perfect choice. Whether it’s a rugged denim jacket for dad, chic high-waist jeans for mom, or cute little dungarees for the toddler, denim adds a touch of urban sophistication.

Styling the Stars: Dressing Up the Kids

Kids, with their infectious energy and spontaneity, often steal the limelight. Their outfits should be a blend of comfort and style, reflecting their vivacious personalities.

  • Textural Play: Soft knits, corduroys, and velvets are not only comfortable but also add a tactile dimension to photos. Imagine your little one in a velvet dress or soft knit sweater, looking cozy and adorable.

  • Playful Accessories: Beyond clothes, think of playful accessories. Cute beanies, mittens, or even a tiny satchel can add elements of intrigue and playfulness.

Styling Adults: Striking a Balance

While kids can revel in playful motifs and bright colors, adults should strike a balance between elegance and trendiness.

  • Layering is Key: Autumn, with its unpredictable chills, is perfect for layering. Think of a lace camisole under a soft cardigan for mom or a crisp shirt under a V-neck sweater for dad.

  • Accessorize Thoughtfully: While kids’ accessories are about fun, adults can opt for elegance. A statement necklace, vintage watch, or even an artful brooch can make a world of difference.

Beyond Outfits: Weaving in Activities

Infusing activities into your photoshoot can elevate it from a mere posing session to a day of fun and bonding.

  • Leaf Tossing: There’s something undeniably joyous about tossing leaves in the air or jumping into a heap of them.

  • Pumpkin Stories: Whether it’s holding a pumpkin, carving one, or simply sitting around them, pumpkins can add an element of festive charm.

  • Picnic Scenes: Imagine a scene with the family around a picnic blanket, with a basket, some apples, and maybe a flask of hot cocoa. It’s not just a photo; it’s a story.

Parting Thoughts

As the amber hues of autumn cast their spell over the Twin Cities, family photoshoots become more than just a tradition; they’re moments frozen in time. And while the right outfits can elevate these photos, it’s the laughter, the candid moments, and the shared glances that truly make them priceless.

So, as you prepare for this year’s photoshoot, remember it’s not just about the clothes—it’s about the memories you’re about to create.

For those still seeking the perfect ensemble, dive into our ‘What to Wear Guide’ tailored for the Twin Cities. Click here to download your guide, and let’s make your next photoshoot the best one yet!


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