Chicken, Fish or How about Pizza?

Deciding on the menu can be a challenging issue for many couples. This is because there are not only a wide range of options available but there may be a number of dietary restrictions the couple is also considering. This blog post will discuss some of the issues involved in selecting a menu for a wedding and provide strategies for helping a couple to deal with this process.

The very first decision a couple will have to make in regards to the menu for the wedding is the type of food they plan to offer. This may include options such as a sit down dinner with multiple courses, a buffet featuring one or more entrée items, hot or cold appetizers. The menu may be professionally catered or prepared by a friend or family member who is skilled in the kitchen. Also, there are a number of options to consider in regard to drinks. There may be an open bar, cash bar, non-alcoholic beverages only or the inclusion of a champagne toast. The budget for the wedding will figure prominently into the process of making these decisions. Sit down dinners where the guests have a choice between two or more entrees will be more expensive than a buffet featuring one or more entrees. Likewise the buffet options will typically be more expensive than receptions featuring appetizers and dessert only. Once the couple determines the type of menu they can afford, they should also consider which type of reception they would prefer. For example a multiple course sit down dinner will take longer than a buffet line so if the couple has other activities planned they may want the dinner portion of the evening to be kept short.

Many couples get caught up in worrying over dietary constraints that close friends or family members may have. These may be medical induced constraints such as requiring a low sugar or low salt diet or requiring the omission of foods that trigger allergic reactions or they may be based on personal preference such as eating a vegetarian or vegan diet due to certain beliefs. There may be religious limitations on the type of food guests are able to eat. In general the couple should not allow these dietary constraints to dictate the menu decisions unless the majority of the guests share these dietary limitations. However, if there only a few guests who have special dietary needs the couple can plan a menu based on their personal preferences but request special meals for these few guests. Most caterers will provide a few special meals either at no extra cost or for a very small fee.

Finally, couples should realize this is their wedding day and should make decisions they will be happy with instead of worrying too much about making everyone else happy. It is very important for the couple to celebrate in the way that will be most meaningful to them because this is a day they will remember forever. There are certainly couples who will not be happy unless they have the most elegant menu possible while others will be happy with a much simpler menu. Whether that means filet mignon in the most elegant reception hall or cheeseburgers at a local restaurant doesn’t matter as long as the couples will enjoy and cherish the celebration.

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