Bath Time Safety for Baby

New mothers often feel uncomfortable with giving their new babies their first bath. You can’t exactly blame them because children are just more fragile during the first few months of their lives. In fact, there have been several reported accidents while bathing the infant. Though these instances are very isolated, this experience can be traumatic for both mother and child.

When it comes to your infant, you need to keep in mind some crucial facts so that you don’t sacrifice your baby’s safety. By paying attention to some pointers, you will be able to breathe easy because you will eliminate the risks involved during bath time. First of all, you must be there at all times. Never ever leave your child alone, not even for a mere few seconds. They are too young to raise their bodies, and if something gets in the way of their breathing, they won’t be able to do much about it.

When your baby first comes home, should be no reason for you to be less careful. Many of these accidents happened even if the parents exercised extreme care. Bath time is the time to keep your eyes and ears open do everything to ensure their safety so that it can become a more pleasant experience for you both. You should check their environment for any hazards, and though they won’t be able to reach for anything yet, you know you won’t rest until things are safe. When you first bring them to the tub for their first bath ever, you want to make sure to take things slow. The last thing you want is to shock them. Take this opportunity to introduce bath as a fun activity that you and your child have. This is the time to bond, and you can only do this if your child learns to enjoy it. It is important to always remember that safety comes first.

You always need to keep an eye on your baby. No matter what the distractions are, take this time to be with them, and just them. When you put in toys inside the tub, make sure that these are large enough so that they don’t choke on them. Make a circle with your thumb and index finger. If the toy can fit through the hole, then it may pose a danger. You also need to consider the water you put inside the tub. Make sure you set the temperature just right. If it’s too cold, this could startle them. If it’s too warm, they could burn. The key here is to make it just right.

You also need to keep in mind that it absolutely is possible for your baby to drown in shallow water. When picking out a tub, something with rubberized surface could help prevent them from slipping. Nonetheless, you must hold them at all times. Rubberized or not, they could still fall. To make things even easier, make sure that their clothes and towel are within easy reach so that you don’t need to walk away from the tub just to get them dry. The bottom-line is, this time could be the most rewarding experience for you if you just practice extra care.


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