A Wedding is all in the details: A list of photos to consider for your big day
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Weddings are so layered and busy that oftentimes a photographer can forget to capture an important detail. You can say the photographer does have his/her work cut out as capturing the guests, the couple, the location, décor, food, and lots more simultaneously isn’t an easy feat, hence, a slip up is bound to happen. However, this is where you come in. By providing a list of items that you want to be captured on your big day, you increase your photographer’s productivity and save yourself the likelihood of any disappointment. It’s a win-win. These items are based on your discretion and they’re captured in detail. Here they are in the categories of before, during, and after.

Before the ceremony
Your photographer needs to capture detailed images of:
1. Your dress/suit
2. The rings
3. The hair
4. The makeup
5. Jewelry
6. Shoes
7. Bouquet
8. The event decor
9. Boutonnières
10. Cufflinks
11. Ties

Capturing these details in the best space sets the mood for future wedding videos and it helps picture the true elegance of everything involved during the making of the bride and groom.

During the ceremony
1. The guests
2. The event site’s interior and exterior
3. The gifts
4. The bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids
5. The procession
6. The officiating minister
7. The program
8. The altar
9. Ring exchange
10. Vows
11. The first nuptial kiss

This is where the bride/groom are most vulnerable. Tears may be shed, hugs are given even as the crowd cheers once they are proclaimed man and wife. Hence, all details are important.

After the ceremony ( the reception)
This is where it gets tricky. Your photographer needs to capture detailed photos of:
1. The cake
2. Centerpieces
3. Tables and place settings
4. Flowers
5. Gift table
6. Guest book
7. The full room
8. The first dance
9. Menu cards
10. Food
11. Toasts
12. Throwing of the bouquet.

As earlier stated, weddings are so layered with intricate elements, emotions, and details so much that wedding photographers need to be professionals who can capture every single detail within these fine layers. There are so many actions and emotions involved in weddings and capturing them in detail makes the memory of it more vivid. The purpose of this list is to serve as a guide for you and your wedding photographer, as insurance for your expectations.  If you would like to check out our wedding packages, click here to learn more


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