A Day in the Life of a Newborn Photographer
Step into the enchanting world of newborn photography with Giliane E. Mansfeldt Photography, LLC. Join us as we take you through a day in the life of a newborn photographer, from setting up the studio to delivering timeless memories to families. Discover the passion, dedication, and artistry behind capturing those precious moments of innocence and love. Get a glimpse into our morning routine, studio preparations, photography sessions, and post-session workflow. Immerse yourself in the magic of freezing time and creating personalized, heartfelt images that will be treasured for generations to come.
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Welcome to a day in my world as a newborn photographer, where every click captures the essence of new beginnings and pure innocence. Join me as I take you through the intricate details of my daily routine, from preparing the studio to delivering timeless memories to families.

Welcome, I am Giliane, the owner behind Giliane E Mansfeldt Photography! As a newborn photographer, I have the incredible privilege of capturing the most precious moments in a family's life. Each day brings new opportunities to freeze time and create timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

There is something truly special about newborn photography. It goes beyond just taking pictures – it is about preserving those fleeting moments of innocence, purity, and love. The tiny fingers and toes, the peaceful sleeping faces, and the tender embrace of new parents – these are all moments that deserve to be cherished forever.

Running a newborn photography business is not just about clicking a button on a camera; it is a labor of love that requires dedication, patience, and a deep understanding of the art of photography. From setting up the perfect shot to ensuring the comfort and safety of the precious little ones, every detail counts in creating timeless images that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Throughout the day, my focus is on creating a nurturing and creative environment that allows me to capture the essence of each newborn I photograph. From morning preparations to the final delivery of images, every step is taken with care and passion to ensure that every client receives a photography experience that is truly magical.

Morning Routine: Setting the Stage for Success

As a newborn photographer, each day starts with a blank canvas, waiting to be painted with precious moments. My morning routine is an essential part of setting the stage for success, ensuring that I am prepared and focused to capture the delicate beauty of newborns. Let me take you through the steps that help me create an environment conducive to creativity and excellence.

Start the Day with a Calming Ritual

My day at Giliane E. Mansfeldt Photography, LLC begins with a cup of coffee, providing that perfect boost of energy to kickstart the day. As I sip on my morning brew, I take care of administrative tasks like responding to client requests and managing emails. This time allows me to ensure that everything is organized and in order before diving into the creative process.

Once the administrative duties are taken care of, I transition into studio management. This involves setting up equipment, preparing props, and ensuring that everything is ready for capturing those precious moments of newborn innocence. It's important for me to have this calm morning routine as it helps me get focused and centered before immersing myself in the artistry of photography.

By giving myself this dedicated time and creating a peaceful atmosphere in the studio, I can approach each session with a clear mind and an enthusiastic spirit. It sets a positive tone for the day ahead and allows me to provide personalized attention to every detail during each photoshoot.

Review Schedule and Client Notes

Next, I meticulously review the day's schedule and delve into the notes shared by the clients. Each detail is essential – from the preferred poses to any special requests. This thorough preparation ensures that I am fully equipped to create a tailored experience that exceeds expectations. By understanding each client's unique preferences and desires, I can craft sessions that are not only personalized but also memorable.

Setting Up the Studio

With my mind calm and my schedule in hand, I move on to setting up the studio. This involves arranging props, adjusting lighting, and ensuring that all equipment is in perfect working order. Attention to detail is crucial; everything must be in place to ensure a smooth and seamless session. I also take this time to sanitize and organize the space, creating a safe and welcoming environment for both the newborns and their parents.

Preparing for the Newborn Session

Before the clients arrive, I prepare myself mentally and physically for the session. This might include reviewing specific poses, practicing new techniques, or simply taking a moment to visualize the shoot. Being fully prepared allows me to be flexible and creative during the session, adapting to the baby's needs and capturing those perfect moments.

Final Touches and Welcoming Clients

As the final step in my morning routine, I add any last-minute touches to the studio and review my notes one last time. When the clients arrive, I greet them with warmth and professionalism, ensuring they feel comfortable and at ease. This welcoming atmosphere sets the tone for the session and helps build a rapport with the parents, making the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free.

By following this morning routine, I set the stage for a successful and fulfilling day of newborn photography. Each step is designed to ensure that I am at my best, ready to capture the precious moments that families will cherish for a lifetime.

Prepare the studio environment

The studio is my creative sanctuary where magic happens. I start by checking and organizing equipment, ensuring that every lens is clean and every prop is in its place. Setting up the studio involves more than just arranging the space – it's about crafting an inviting and safe environment for the newborn and their family. I make sure that every prop, outfit and background is thoroughly sanitized and ready for use before the session.

Every element is meticulously selected to enhance the beauty of each moment captured. As I adorn the studio with delicate props and adjust the lighting to perfection, I envision the precious memories that will soon unfold.

By beginning my day with a calming ritual, thorough preparation, and a meticulously prepared studio environment, I lay the groundwork for a successful newborn photography session filled with beauty, warmth, and cherished moments.

Setting Up for the Session

As I begin setting up for the photoshoot, a delightful sense of anticipation fills the air. This is where the magic truly begins, bringing together all the elements to create captivating and timeless images of precious newborns. It's more than just preparation; it's about setting the stage for moments that will be cherished forever.

Selecting Props and Outfits

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a newborn session is selecting the perfect props and outfits. I often find myself rummaging through my collection, each piece holding a memory of previous shoots. There’s a tiny knitted hat that reminds me of a winter baby who snuggled into it so perfectly, or a soft blanket that has wrapped countless little ones in warmth. Each prop is chosen with care and creativity, and each outfit is meticulously planned to complement the baby's delicate features. From tiny hats to soft blankets, every detail is thoughtfully considered to enhance the beauty of the newborn. I often picture the baby wearing these items, imagining the smiles and coos that will soon follow.

Adjusting Lighting

Lighting is like the secret ingredient in newborn photography, and it plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of innocence and purity. I take my time adjusting the soft, gentle lighting to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. I remember the first time I discovered the perfect lighting setup—how it felt like finding a hidden treasure. The soft light caresses the baby's features, highlighting every tiny detail and creating a sense of serenity in the photos. It's amazing how the right lighting can transform a simple pose into a breathtaking image.

Creating a Safe and Cozy Space

Ensuring the baby's safety and comfort is always my top priority. I meticulously set up a cozy space where the newborn will feel secure and relaxed. Soft cushions, warm blankets, and gentle sounds help create a soothing environment that allows the baby to drift off peacefully. I recall one session where a gentle lullaby played softly in the background, and the baby’s tiny fingers curled around a plush toy. Moments like these remind me why I love what I do. Creating a space where the baby can relax and feel at ease is not just about the photos; it's about making sure the little one is comfortable and happy throughout the session.

By carefully curating the props, adjusting the lighting, and creating a safe space, I set the stage for a session filled with wonder and joy. Each element works together harmoniously to create images that will be treasured for a lifetime. Every setup is a blend of art and emotion, aiming to capture the beauty and innocence of these precious early days.

Welcoming the Clients

As a newborn photographer, one of the most crucial aspects of my job is ensuring that every family feels welcomed and comfortable during their session. It sets the tone for the entire experience and plays a significant role in capturing those precious moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Greet the Family Warmly

When a family walks through the door of my studio, the first thing I do is greet them with a warm and genuine smile. I want them to feel like they’re stepping into a friend’s home, not just a photography studio. There’s a joy in seeing parents’ eyes light up when they realize they’ve entered a space where their comfort and their baby's well-being are the top priorities. Sometimes, I share a quick story about my own experiences or offer a light-hearted comment to break the ice. This welcoming gesture sets a friendly atmosphere and helps build rapport right from the start.

Discuss Session Plan and Address Concerns

Before diving into the session, I take the time to sit down with the family and discuss the plan for the day. We talk about their hopes and dreams for the photos, any special poses they have in mind, and the little details that matter to them. I remember one mom who brought a tiny, hand-knitted blanket that her grandmother had made—such personal touches make the session even more special. I also address any concerns they might be feeling, whether it’s about the baby’s comfort or how long the session might take. This open communication helps to alleviate any anxieties and ensures that everyone is on the same page. It’s a moment to connect and assure them that their baby is in caring and capable hands.

Ensure a Comfortable Atmosphere

Creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is essential, especially when working with newborns. I pay attention to every detail, from the temperature of the room to the softness of the blankets, to make sure that both the baby and the parents feel at ease throughout the session. I often have a cozy corner set up with refreshments for the parents, giving them a space to relax and enjoy watching the session unfold. The gentle hum of white noise and the careful arrangement of props and lighting all contribute to a serene environment. I’ll never forget the smiles of parents who see their baby peacefully sleeping, perfectly posed and completely at ease—those are the moments that make it all worthwhile.

By focusing on welcoming the clients with warmth, clarity, and comfort, I set the stage for a successful and enjoyable photography session. It's all about creating a space where families can relax, have fun, and truly connect with each other, resulting in beautiful images that capture the essence of their love and joy. Each session is a unique opportunity to make families feel special and to create lasting memories that they will treasure for years to come.

The Photography Session: Capturing Precious Moments

As a newborn photographer, each session is a unique opportunity to create timeless memories for families. It's not just about taking pictures; it's about capturing the essence of a fleeting moment that will be cherished for a lifetime. When I begin a photography session, my primary focus is on the newborn baby and ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the process. It's a delicate dance of artistry and caregiving, where every click of the camera is a chance to freeze time and encapsulate the purity of a newborn.

Position and Soothe the Newborn with Care

Positioning a newborn requires a gentle touch and keen attention to detail. I carefully cradle the baby in my arms, ensuring their head and neck are fully supported. Soft pillows and blankets are strategically placed to create a cozy nest for the baby to rest in. There’s something almost meditative about these moments, feeling the gentle rise and fall of their tiny chest, the softness of their skin, and the trust they place in my hands.

As I soothe the newborn into a peaceful slumber, I whisper soft melodies and hum gentle tunes. Sometimes I think of lullabies my own mother used to sing, bringing a piece of my past into the present. The goal is to create a serene environment where the baby feels secure and content, allowing me to capture their natural beauty in every shot. It’s not uncommon for parents to mention how these little songs and hums seem to have a calming effect, almost like magic.

Use Various Angles to Highlight Features

Photography is an art of perspective, and when it comes to newborns, every angle tells a different story. I experiment with various viewpoints – from overhead shots that showcase tiny fingers and toes to close-ups that accentuate the baby's delicate features. Each angle captures a different facet of the newborn's charm and innocence.

I often find myself on my tiptoes or kneeling on the floor, trying to find that perfect shot. One of my favorite moments is capturing the tiny curl of a baby's fingers or the gentle flutter of their eyelashes. Playing with light and shadows, I aim to capture the innocence and purity of the newborn in each frame. Whether it's a tender moment between the baby and parents or a solitary pose that accentuates the newborn's vulnerability, every angle adds depth to the narrative we're creating.

Ensure Safety and Comfort

A photography session is not just about aesthetics; it's about prioritizing the well-being of the baby above all else. I meticulously check the temperature of the studio, ensuring it's warm enough to keep the baby snug without being overheated. There’s always a soft hum of a space heater in the background, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Props and accessories are chosen with care, ensuring they are soft, hypoallergenic, and pose no risk to the baby. From fluffy blankets to tiny headbands, every element is selected to enhance the visual story while maintaining the baby's comfort and safety. I remember a session where a particularly fussy baby was instantly calmed by the feel of a super-soft, hand-knit blanket. It’s these little details that make all the difference.

Every Click a Moment Frozen in Time

Every click of the camera is a moment frozen in time, a snippet of a precious memory that will be treasured for years to come. Each photograph is a piece of the larger story of love, tenderness, and joy. As a newborn photographer, my role is not just to take pictures but to weave a narrative through each photograph. These sessions are filled with moments that might seem small but hold enormous significance – the curl of a lip, a sleepy yawn, the way a tiny hand grasps a parent's finger.

In the end, it's all about capturing the beauty and purity of these early days. Each session is a blend of technical skill and heartfelt emotion, creating a collection of images that families will look back on with warmth and love for generations.

Managing Challenges: Patience and Flexibility

As a newborn photographer, each day brings its own set of surprises and challenges. It's crucial to navigate through unexpected situations with a calm demeanor and the ability to adapt to the baby's needs while maintaining a flexible session flow. Let me take you through my experiences of managing these challenges with patience and flexibility.

Handle Unexpected Situations Calmly

One of the essential skills in this line of work is the ability to handle unexpected situations calmly. There have been times when a baby started crying uncontrollably midway through a session or when a prop I planned to use suddenly became unavailable. In these moments, staying composed and thinking quickly on my feet is key.

By taking a deep breath, reassessing the situation, and approaching it with a calm mindset, I have been able to turn potential disasters into opportunities for creative solutions. Whether it's a diaper disaster or a sudden change in weather affecting natural lighting, maintaining composure is vital to ensuring a successful session.

Adapt to Baby's Needs

Every baby is unique, and understanding and adapting to their individual needs is paramount. From how they respond to different poses to their comfort levels with various props, being attuned to the baby's cues is essential for capturing beautiful and authentic moments.

Flexibility is key when working with newborns, as their behavior can change in an instant. Being prepared to switch gears, try different approaches, or even take a short break to address the baby's needs shows respect for their comfort and well-being. Ultimately, creating a safe and nurturing environment for the baby leads to better outcomes and happier clients.

Maintain a Flexible Session Flow

While having a session plan is important, remaining open to adjustments and changes is equally crucial. Babies have their own schedules and moods, which can influence the flow of the session. Being flexible enough to pivot when needed ensures a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

By staying adaptable and responsive to the baby's cues, I can create a session that is tailored to their unique personality and needs. This approach not only leads to better photographs but also fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere with the family, enhancing the overall experience of capturing precious newborn moments.

Post-Session Workflow: Editing and Enhancements

As I wrap up the delightful photography session with the newborn and their family, I enter into the next phase of my creative journey – the editing and enhancement process. This crucial step in my photography workflow allows me to transform raw images into stunning visual masterpieces that truly capture the essence of the newborn's first moments.

Organize Photos for Editing

With a sense of calm and precision, I meticulously upload all the raw photos from the session onto my editing software. This is where the magic begins anew. Creating a structured organizational system is key to streamlining the editing process. I categorize the images based on different criteria such as lighting conditions, poses, and compositions, ensuring easy access to each precious moment captured during the session. I’ve developed a system over the years that feels almost like second nature – it's my way of ensuring that no special moment gets lost in the shuffle.

Enhance Images with Editing Techniques

Once all the photos are neatly organized, I dive into the world of editing techniques. This is where each click of my mouse brings new life to the images on my screen. I start by adjusting the basics – exposure, color balance, and contrast. It’s like laying the foundation for a beautiful painting. From there, I fine-tune the details, enhancing textures and bringing out the subtle nuances that make each photo unique. I use specialized tools to bring out the softness in the baby's skin, the sparkle in their eyes, and the overall magic of the moment immortalized in pixels. One of my favorite parts is working on the tiny details – the curl of the baby’s hair or the way their little hands rest so peacefully. It’s these touches that make each photo come alive.

Ensure High-Quality Standards

Quality is non-negotiable in my photography journey. As I work through each image, I pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every pixel is in its rightful place. I zoom in, zoom out, and scrutinize every aspect of the photo to guarantee that it meets my high standards of visual excellence. Sometimes, this means spending hours on a single image, making sure that every shadow and highlight is perfect. Only when I am completely satisfied with the final result do I consider the editing process complete.

Creating the Final Masterpiece

In the realm of photography, editing is where the magic truly unfolds. It is where a raw image transforms into a captivating story, where colors dance and emotions come alive. Through careful organization, skillful editing, and unwavering commitment to quality, I breathe life into each photograph. This part of the process feels almost like an intimate conversation between me and the image – each photo has its own story to tell, and my job is to bring that story to light.

One of the most rewarding moments is delivering the final images to the family. Seeing their reactions – the joy, the tears, the laughter – is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. It’s not just about creating beautiful pictures; it’s about preserving memories, capturing the fleeting moments that families will cherish forever. Through this meticulous editing process, I ensure that each photograph is not just a picture, but a timeless piece of art that encapsulates the beauty of newborn moments for eternity.

Client Follow-Up and Delivery

After the mesmerizing session capturing precious moments of the newborn, it was time to engage in the follow-up and delivery phase, which is just as crucial in my role as a newborn photographer. This post-session process not only involves technical aspects like finalizing photo selections and editing but also entails fostering a strong connection with the family.

Share Sneak Peeks with the Family

One of the most exciting parts of my job is building anticipation and excitement among the family by sharing sneak peeks of the captured moments. I carefully select a few edited images that showcase the essence and beauty of the session. These sneak peeks serve not only as a preview of the final product but also as a heartfelt gesture to involve the family in the post-session journey.

Finalize Photo Selection and Editing

Once the family has had a chance to marvel at the sneak peeks and provide feedback, the meticulous process of finalizing photo selection and editing begins. Sorting through the captured moments, I consider factors like lighting, composition, and emotional impact to curate a collection that truly encapsulates the essence of the newborn and the love shared within the family. Each image undergoes detailed editing to enhance its beauty and ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Deliver Final Images and Discuss Options

Finally, the moment arrives to deliver the meticulously edited final images to the family. This is a moment filled with joy and satisfaction as I witness the delight on their faces upon seeing the timeless memories we have created together. I take the time to sit down with the family, discuss printing options, and explore various products that can beautifully showcase the captured moments, from elegant photo albums to stunning wall art pieces.

Client follow-up and delivery are not just about completing a transaction but about forging relationships and creating a seamless experience that extends beyond the session itself. Every interaction, from sharing sneak peeks to discussing printing options, is infused with care and dedication to ensuring that the family receives not just photographs but cherished memories that they can treasure for a lifetime.

As I conclude this behind-the-scenes journey of a day in the life of a newborn photographer, I can't help but feel immensely grateful for the experiences and moments captured.

The joy of witnessing and immortalizing those precious early days of a newborn's life is truly unparalleled. Each yawn, tiny hand grasp, and peaceful slumber captured through my lens is a treasure that I hold dear.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the readers who have joined me on this journey. Your interest and support mean the world to me. It's the connection with fellow lovers of art and beauty that makes this passion of mine even more fulfilling.

If this glimpse into the world of newborn photography has sparked a desire in you to create everlasting memories of your own little one, I invite you to take the next step.

Booking a session with me is not just about capturing moments; it's about creating magic that you can hold onto forever. The ethereal essence of those early days, frozen in time through a photograph, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s embark on this magical journey together. Let’s create memories that will warm your heart for years to come. Contact me by calling 651-273-0905 or email me today to book your own newborn session and start preserving those precious moments.


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