10 Tips for Making a Photoshoot with Children Easier

There are a lot of ways to get great photos of children. One way is to get really close and have them smile for the camera. Another way is to use toys or candy to get them excited. However, there are some situations where being too close may be a bad idea, or that using a toy could be a little too distracting. These 10 tips will help you plan a photoshoot with children that will have you capturing their natural beauty. Even if it’s your first time photographing children, these tips will help you avoid any mistakes and get the perfect shot!

Engaging children can be a challenge, but with these 10 tips, you’ll be able to plan a photoshoot that will have you capturing their natural beauty.

1) Consider using a candid photoshoot.

A candid photo is one where the child is not aware of the camera and does not know that they are being photographed. Some photographers find candid photos to be more natural because the child isn’t posing for the camera. These photos are best taken when the photographer is close to their subject and has an eye for capturing those special moments without drawing attention to themselves.

2) Get down low and get on their level.

Photographers should always consider how they position themselves in relation to their subject; this tip is especially important when photographing children who may be shy or uncomfortable around adults they don’t know very well. Getting down low and getting on their level will make them feel like they can trust you and make it easier for them to interact with you as well as enjoy your company.

3) Ask permission beforehand; always ask parents if it’s OK to use their child in a photoshoot, even if you’re related yourself (i.e., godparents).

This may seem like common sense, but 

Prepare Your Camera

Before you even think about getting your camera out, think about the settings that will work best for the photo. It’s important to consider what type of lighting you’ll need, if you’ll be using any filters, and where to put your focus.

Typically, it’s best to use natural light when photographing children or animals. Your camera will automatically adjust to the light in this situation. If there are no sources of natural light available, try shooting in an open space with daylight coming through a window so there is still some natural light.

You may also want to consider whether or not you want the photo in color or black and white. When photographing children, it’s often best to use color because children can sometimes have unnatural coloring due to their skin tone or hair color. However, when photographing adults, it may be better to use black and white because people tend to prefer these types of photos.

Lastly, make sure your focus is set on manual mode so that you know exactly what you’re focusing on when taking a photo! You don’t want one person in the shot blurry while another is perfectly in focus.

Get The Right Lighting for the Situation

The light in the room can make all the difference in how your photos turn out. If you’re working with natural light, it’s important to take into consideration where your child is in relation to that light. For example, if the sun is coming in through a window, you’re better off placing them near the window so they’re bathed in natural light.

If you don’t have natural lighting, try using artificial lights or setting up some other kind of source for good lighting.

Choose The Right Background

One of the most important things to consider when photographing children is the background. A lot of photographers will choose a white or black backdrop, which ensures that it won’t distract from the subject. It’s best to have a neutral backdrop as this will allow you to focus on your child and capture their natural beauty.

However, if you do decide to use a more colorful backdrop, make sure that it’s not too busy and doesn’t stand out too much. You’ll want it to be subtle and not distracting.

Use Props to Capture Their Personality

When you want to capture a child’s personality, these props can help. Toys and candy are really common, but there are so many other options. Think about what your subject likes to do and use that as inspiration for the shoot.

Maybe your subject loves to play outside or maybe they love animals. Or maybe they just like to dance around the room singing! Whatever it is, think about what makes them happy and excited and use those things as props in the shoot.

Be Patient

Photo shoots can be stressful for children. As a result, the last thing you want to do is rush them or make them feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that children are naturally very expressive and may start crying if they don’t like something. Play around with different poses, expressions, and positions to see what works best.

Keep your patience up! Try not to take more than 10 photos in one sitting so your child doesn’t become overexcited. This will also help you avoid too many posed shots that look unnatural or forced.

Keep It Simple

Children are naturally curious and want to explore their world. As adults, we can’t take advantage of this natural curiosity by distracting them with toys or candy. Be sure that you have everything you need to keep it simple during your photoshoot.

If you’re using a toy, be sure to have multiple copies so your child doesn’t get too attached to just one toy. If you bring toys, make sure they are age-appropriate, so the children aren’t overwhelmed by what’s in front of them. The less distractions during your photoshoot, the better!

Also, don’t use an animal as a prop unless it is absolutely necessary for the story you’re telling. Animals are not always the best subjects for photos with children. It’s best to stay away from pets or wild animals if at all possible!

Pose Them Correctly

One of the most important things to understand about photographing children is that you need to change your approach. Instead of trying to pose them like adults, take photos of them as they are naturally. This will make for a more realistic photo and will capture their natural beauty better.

So why do you have to change your approach? When you are taking pictures of children, you can’t just tell them what angle to look at or how to pose their bodies. They won’t listen because they are kids! You have to work with what they are doing naturally.

For example, if the child is running around, don’t tell them to stop so you can get a better picture. Instead, wait until they have stopped for a moment so you can take the perfect shot without any distractions.

Get Help From an Adult if You Need It

The most important thing to know about photographing children is that you should involve an adult if the child is too young, or doesn’t feel comfortable around you. You can use a parent, grandparent, or friend of the family to make the child feel at ease.

If you’re photographing a newborn, it’s best to meet with the parents beforehand and get their input on what they want for their child. If it’s your first time photographing children, trying to plan out shots before meeting with them could be overwhelming. It will give them more confidence in you when it comes time for the photo shoot.

Before taking any photos of your subject(s), try taking some photos of them individually while looking away from the camera so they can get used to being photographed without feeling self-conscious. This will help them feel more comfortable around you when it comes time for the photo shoot.


Children can be a challenge to photograph. But if you follow these 10 tips, you’ll have a much easier time getting great shots of your little ones. Planning a photoshoot with children starts by understanding their likes and dislikes, and knowing the best way to capture their natural beauty.

In this post, we covered 10 tips for photographing children. Such as being safe with them, using their favorite candy or toy as a distraction, and capturing their natural beauty. These 10 tips will help you plan a photoshoot with children that will have you capturing their natural beauty. Even if it’s your first time photographing children, these tips will help you avoid any mistakes and get the perfect shot!


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